Guide to what you 
can order for 20kilo

You Can order approx 2 x 5 litres of Milk ,plus 10 yogurt , and 1 feta goats cheese in oil , this is under 20 kilo, milk and kefir are the same weight so the above applies to both.
You can order 10 x 500mil of milk or kefir plus 10 cheeses for less than 20 kilo

Samples of recent orders .... 10 milk and 16 cheeses 
     1 x5 litre milk and 8 x 1 litre milk .
 12 milk , 2 yogurt and 3 cheese 
all of those were under 20 kilo
Please note ,if you find you are being charged 17.50 on the shipment page just go back a page and delete a couple of small items , the program we use is weight critical.